Friday, November 21, 2003

End of week round-up:

On the grant front:
A recent grant received by the libraries at Iowa State, the University of Iowa and the University of Nebraska from the Institute for Museum and Library Services is helping to aid in the recruitment and education of students.

The grant, totaling more than $390,000, will help the Institute for Museum and Library Services recruit nine students to pursue library and information science degrees...[Click here for full story]

On the journals front:
The student newspaper at Yale has a story about electronic journal subscriptions. Not only are the faculty being made aware of electronic pricing problems but the students are being informed too! Way to go Yale!

On the history front:
The first music bootlegger was a librarian! At least according to Get your official 'bootleg' here! in the Christian Science Monitor.

On the international front:
The Jerusalem Post has an article entitled Vaccination against illiteracy which talks about pediatricians giving young patients books along with prescriptions. This is all part of Israel's new Reach Out and Read (ROR) program.

On the music front:
Musician Tori Amos's new album Tales of a Librarian is out in stores. You can also register to win a action figure Librarian at her website.

On the Oklahoma front:
COLD WEATHER so bundle up and have a warm weekend. And please be sure to get UCD those proposals!

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