Monday, December 29, 2003

Internet Voting

Online voting is going to be a big issue in the next presidental election. Some questions I've had include:
What impact will online voting have on public access to the internet?
What ethical/political dilemmas will librarians face in helping the voters?
What about those sites which monitor internet usage? How will those sites deal with voter privacy?
Instead of dangling chads will the issue now be dirty/old mouses?

Think about these questions and your own as you read through these internet voting sites/news stories: : Internet Voting Technology Alliance (IVTA) is dedicated to serving the public by acting as an information center, discussion forum and voluntary standards setting body and web publisher focused on Internet voting.

Navajo Nation Demonstrates Internet Voting : Press release about internet voting in action (from a company that provides the technology).

Internet voting could alter political process Article from the Atlantic Journal-Consitution

PFIR statement on internet voting : Statement from the People for Internet Responsibility

Analysts predict Internet voting to be standard by 2004 : Article from April 2000 Infoworld

Internet voting experiment launched : June 2003 article from

Online voting in the year 2004? : A "This is what will be..." article from (written in 2001)

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