Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Update on HB 2158

June L. sends this update on HB 2158.

The Senate leadership has decided that HB 2158 will not be heard by the Senate.
However, OLA legislative liaisons indicate the possibility exists for an amendment to be offered on the floor for another relevant piece of legislation that would put HB 2158 language in that bill.

Representative Kern issued a press release on April 3, which can be found by clicking here.

In her press release Rep. Kern states:
"I don’t believe we should ban these books, but parents have a right to know content before a child brings the material home," Kern said.

Disclaimer: The following sentences are my opinion -- and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone else anywhere else in the world.

I agree with Rep. Kern on this one statement and go a step further. Parent's have an obligation to their children to know what they are reading. When parents are involved in their children's reading habits everyone benefits. That's why I encourage all parents to become involved with their children's reading habits. Find reviews on Amazon and in the resources your library has available -- then decide whether or not the material is appropriate for your child. Just remember even if the book isn't good for your family it may benefit someone elses.

Remember the 5 laws of library science and apply them:
1. Books are for use.
2. Every reader has his or her book.
3. Every book has its reader.
4. Save the time of the reader.
5. The library is a growing organism.

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