Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Facilities Can Play Key Role in Students' Enrollment Decisions, Study Finds

According to an article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed dormitories, libraries, academic buildings, and student unions really help colleges land -- and keep -- students.

A new study by the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers shows the extent to which students are concerned about campus facilities and their upkeep. Some students, according to a survey, reject colleges if certain facilities are unavailable or if buildings are poorly maintained. Following are facilities that the survey's respondents deemed "extremely important" or "very important" when they were selecting a college:

Facilities for major: 73.6 percent
Library: 53.6 percent
Sophisticated technology: 50.9 percent
Classrooms: 49.8 percent
Residence halls: 42.2 percent
Exercise facilities: 35.6 percent
Bookstore: 34.6 percent
Open space: 34.4 percent
Student recreation facilities: 32.3 percent
Science/engineering facilities: 29.6 percent
Dining halls: 28.6 percent
Performing-arts center: 21.8 percent
Student union: 21.3 percent
Visual-arts center: 15.3 percent
Intramural-sports facilities: 14.8 percent
Varsity-athletics facilities: 14.2 percent

Source: Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers

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