Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Random bits of information about libraries and 666.

: In Persia many libraries were established by the Zoroastrian elite and the Persian Kings. Among the first ones was a royal library in Isfahan. One of the most important public libraries established around 666 AD in south-western Iran was the Library of Gundishapur. It was a part of a bigger scientific complex located at the Academy of Gundishapur.

666 in Dewey is for Ceramic & allied technologies

Boston Public Library address is 666 Bolyston St according to several websites -- but if you go to the BPL site they list their address as 700 Bolyston. hmmmmm

TLC says LC uses MARC field 666 only when individual references from each heading related to the characteristic are impractical.

The 666th library on the FDLP list of libraries is Purdy/Kresge Library at Wayne State University.

Topic #666 on the Librarians' Index to the Internet is about Breweries.

According to OCLC, in 2005, the 666th topped owned book by libraries was Jacob have I loved.

According to OCLC -- libraries in Oklahoma do not carry the Sign of the Beast

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