Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Comic book software

Saw this story on C|Net thought it might make a good outreach tool for tweens, teens, and anyone else who likes comic books.

...Planetwide Comics...Paramount is not alone. Already, online games publisher Sony Online Entertainment and the National Geographic Society have signed on to license their own versions of the software, and Planetwide said it is in talks with at least one rock 'n' roll band interested in giving its fans a new way to indulge their fantasies.

And that means that fans of the online games, movies, magazines and, possibly, music produced by Planetwide's partners will be able to add all the Bam!, Pow!, Zoom!, hyperbolic thought bubbles and cartoon explosions they want to the stories they create.

"It was sort of a no-brainer for us (as) this is something our players will get a kick out of," said Gregory Short, Sony Online's director of Web presence. "The key features for us that were attractive was, one, that it is very easy to use, and the second thing we liked was that there are so many different ways that you can export what you've done."

According to Mark Politi, Planetwide Games' vice president of marketing, the Comic Book Creator was originally aimed at individual players of online games as a way to give those players a method for crafting original stories based on their in-game characters and the games' plotlines. The company is still selling a standalone version of the software for $30. Users upload many of their creations to the Comic Book Society Web site.

I tried the free trial download and came up with this quick lil comic.

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Jason G. said...

Hmmm, don't know how I missed this article the first time around. Interesting, oh so interesting.

Kudos on your sample comic strip...too cool.