Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Dewey Donation System

Found this via metafilter

Dewey Donation System

Hurricane Katrina took out more than just New Orleans. Mississippi was hit particularly hard, and anybody who loves curling up in the bath with a paperback knows that paper and water don’t mix. After contacting the acquisitions department for the Harrison County Library, we learned just how bad it was — several libraries lost their entire collections.

Dewey to the rescue!

Your wonderful donations over the years have put an entire village of kids back to school after a Tsunami, stocked library shelves after wildfires, and helped a struggling library system gain nationwide attention, which helped them get their own government involved in allocating more funds to their acquisitions department. Your attention, word of mouth and kind gifts continue to enrich struggling communities, villages, states and nations. There’s a lot of power in one mouse click. Year after year, you’ve proven that with your generosity.

Be sure to visit their site for more info!

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