Friday, June 23, 2006

What Young People Think About Public Libraries - Study

What Young People Think About Public Libraries - Study:
A British Study but still usefule information for us across the pond.

What young people think about public libraries - new study findings
Public libraries must continue to evolve to keep pace with the expectations of young people, a major new report confirms.

The report, commissioned by the DCMS (Department for Culture Media and Sport) and funded by MLA (Museums, Libraries and Archives Council) and the Laser Foundation, studies the views, perceptions and attitudes towards public libraries of people aged between 14 and 35. It was released at a seminar in London this week.

The launch included a presentation by the Define group (the Qualitative Research Organisation which conducted the study), and discussions and debate about the findings and recommendations. Library users and non users in these age groups were at the seminar, to discuss what they want, if anything, from a public library, along with examples and people from other sectors where transformation of the image and service has been successful.

The report is available here

Copies of the launch presentations are also available here

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