Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Norman Man Accused Of Raping 13-Year-Old

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To sum up from both Channel 5 and Channel 9 reports:

Norman police have arrested a man they said raped a 13-year-old. The arrest was made Saturday morning after police responded to a disturbance call.

Police said they believe Ganelon Grant Diers, 42, a graphic designer for Norman Public Library, and a 13-year-old had been seeing each other and talking over the phone and over the Internet for at least four months and met through myspace.

Officers have searched Diers' home computer. Norman police confirmed that they got a warrant to confiscate at least one library machine. Diers, who has worked for NPL for four years and in his duties has little contact with the public, has been placed on administrative leave. Police (according to the Channel 5 TV report) do not believe there is evidence that Diers was using the library to target victims.

Updates to this story can be found HERE

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