Thursday, July 13, 2006

Reading FIDO a story

Reading FIDO a story | Edmond Library program helps build children's confidence

EDMOND — Even dogs love to be read a good book.

That is what children involved in an Edmond Library summer program are learning.

The program, called FIDO (Finding Individual Development Out-loud), invites specially trained therapy dogs to bring their owners to the library to be read to.

It is rumored the dogs especially like to hear stories about fellow canines. The books are available in the library, but children also may bring one of their favorite books from home.

No practice reading is necessary ahead of time, although some children like to practice at home before reading to their canine audience.


Although similar programs are used on the East and West coasts, Librarian Karen Lehr said she doesn’t believe there is any program like this in Oklahoma.

“We believe we are the first library in the state to try this,” Lehr said, “although people with dogs have been going to the Piedmont school system and doing something similar to this.”

Edmond Library’s program was suggested by Lisa Rogers, a library customer from Edmond.

The program is especially valuable in building self-confidence and self-esteem for those needing an uncritical, appreciative listening audience to improve reading skills.

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