Monday, August 14, 2006

Do you!... err...use a search thingy?

Fun little story over at slashdot about Google (notice big "G") sending out letters to preserve their name.

When will library catalogs get to the point that the noun-name of the catalog becomes the verb? Did you endeavor that book? Or how about federated searching? Did you webfeat that topic to see what's all available?

Hmmm just doesn't have the same ring does it? Maybe if we came up with snappy names for our search engines in libraries they would get more use...

Here's some random silly made-up words that you are welcome to use for your libray catalogs:
(librarystories takes no responsiblity for the effectiveness of any of these words. And apologizes if any libraries actually use these words already to promote their services)
  • bibite
  • bonbib
  • librize
  • oopine
  • dueek
  • autoeek
  • ootible
  • outoot
  • aquaigle
  • tribleh
  • ackion
  • anniack


Anonymous said...

Some library search services do have names, eg my former place of work has NORA (which uses Webfeat)( but I'm not sure its used as a verb.

Adri said...

Very true :)

When I worked at the University of Central Oklahoma our opac was called Broncho -- which is a different way to spell Bronco. Although we never used it as a verb either.