Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Schools fixing library problems

Muskogee Phoenix | Area schools fixing problems

Officials at three area school districts cited for minor deficiencies by the State Department of Education say they have corrected the deficiencies in time for the start of the 2006-07 school year.

As part of its annual accreditation last week, the State Board of Education accredited 53 Oklahoma school districts with one deficiency and 29 with more than one deficiency. The board did not withhold accreditation of any public or private school or career/technology center and cited fewer schools with deficiencies for the 2007 school year than it did for 2006.

Muskogee County schools cited for deficiencies were:
• Webbers Falls: Oklahoma history teacher without proper credential or endorsement.

• Oktaha: Library does not meet state board regulations and seventh-grade math teacher without proper credential or endorsement.

• Warner: Library does not meet state board regulations.

The districts were accredited with their deficiencies.


In Oktaha, a librarian and a computer science teacher left the district shortly before the start of the 2006 school year, superintendent Jerry Needham said.

“Librarians are very difficult to find,” he said, adding that the school managed to find staff to cover the librarian shortage.

I hope superintendent Needham contacted OUSLIS for recent graduates.

SLIS Facts | During the fall of 2004, 230 students were enrolled in LIS courses, including 146 graduate and 84 undergraduate students.

SLIS students have come from more than twenty-five nations, forty U. S. states, and one hundred thirty-six Oklahoma cities and towns.

SLIS programs are designed for working adults. Courses meet once per week during the late afternoon and in intensive weekend sessions. Interactive digital videoconferencing technology is used to link students and faculty in Norman and Tulsa. The World Wide Web plays a significant and increasing role in the delivery of LIS courses.

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