Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Should there be gaming in libraries?

Kotaku | Should libraries offer gaming?

An interesting discussion about libraries & gaming. If the search logs for LibraryStories is any indication -- it's a hot topic and folks are investigating it...but can the two mix? Some argue that "gaming" has no literary value -- but from my experience Gamers are avid readers and have a passion for a good story line and strong archetypes. But perhaps I'm wrong...
...An interesting question. Obviously, games have almost no literacy value... but neither do knitting clubs that meet in a library, or DVD rentals, or any of the many other activities that happen in libraries.

The question actually seems to be "In the days of Amazon, how do we get people to come INTO libraries?" Jenny points out that everything is measured by door count, which sounds a lot like the business of blogs. Things are ultimately justified not really by how literate they are, but how many people it brings in the door.

The larger question seems to be, "Can libraries afford gaming?" Rooms in your local library filled with consoles and games would, perhaps, be rather cheap to upkeep, but PC gaming would have to keep up with a constant upgrade cycle...

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