Friday, October 20, 2006

Thrashing Shawnee Library

Seems that Kilwag over at Skate and Annoy doesn't approve of the library doing much out reach targeted for thrashers in Shawnee.
Hmmm. Ok It makes sense now. The proprietors of the local pay-to-play skatepark, Fusion Affect are putting the whole thing on. Business must not be so good in Shawnee Oklahoma if they have to troll the libraries to create clientele.

Just wait until Kilwag discovers Tony Hawk sold out and did a READ poster for ALA. Tony's street-cred is so going to be ... uh ... nevermind looks as if there's a strange relationship there anyways...

But I'm sure skaters in Shawnee visit the library -- after all they need to check their email and read Kilwag's blog in between 180s right?

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