Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thoughts on Metro's site

CogSci Librarian seems to think Metro's website needs a little work:
First, I found the list of Oklahoma's libraries. Not intuitive for someone not from OK. I browsed around to see if I could find a list of databases available statewide; preferably something that included Overdrive or maybe even an Audible account.

Nope; had to do an reference interview with my friend to find out where in OK her brother lives. Answer: Oklahoma City. Back to the list of OK libraries to find the Oklahoma City Library page. Since it's called the "Metropolitan Library System", I am not positive I'm on the right page, but I'll take it on faith.

Poke around to see if I can find a list of databases, preferably something that lists audio books. No such luck. Go to their catalog link. Wha ... ??

Only hint I can give CogSci Librarian that she was on the correct page is that Oklahoma City is in Oklahoma County -- beyond that maybe CogSci should have asked an Oklahoma Librarian...

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