Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Enid library is praised

They are leaning out for love | A public library building

...The driving force behind this library was Miss Jean Harrington. Miss Harrington was director from 1964 to 1986, I believe. (Though she worked at the library for some years before being named director.) She was quick to smile. She was always dressed beautifully. She had the kindest, smartest eyes I've ever seen and a rich, distinctive voice. She gave her all and expected perfection. She gave us a little book Patrons Are People (published I believe in the 1940s). This little book and Miss Harrington's attitude were EXACTLY what is bing called "new customer service" in public libraries today. But I actually see most public libraries doing LESS than we did then--than she did then as director--these days.

I wish you and I, whoever is reading this, could sit in the rose garden outside the library in Enid and talk with Miss Harrington. I wish Mrs. Virginia Atchinson could join us. We'd have a lively and interesting conversation. We'd talk about books, and music, and photography, and travel. We'd talk about color and beauty in libraries. We'd talk about library workers being willing to do whatever needed to be done. We'd laugh....

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