Thursday, December 28, 2006

Oklahoma libraries make Okie Funk 2006 Review

Well -- it seems Oklahoma Libraries can't do much to please Okie Funk this year. Whether it's because the library board in OKC decided to make a parenting section or OLA having Toby Keith on a Read Y'all poster -- Oklahoma libraries and librarians let Okie Funk down. (Too bad for us Okie Funk had never heard of James Garner, Carrie Underwood, Kristin Chenoweth, Governor Brad Henry & First Lady Kim Henry, Dana Dunbar, or Desmond Mason who also appeared on Read Y'all posters).

Perhaps if we give him a special seat at the OLA Legislative luncheon head table during conference he'll think fonder of us? Of course don't mention to him that OLA wasn't in favor of TABOR and many librarians worked against it. Both of those might ruin his image of us as kowtowing terrified spinsters though -- so nevermind.

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Okie Funk 2006 Review

...A committee of the Oklahoma County Metropolitan Library has voted to place truthful, important children’s books on shelves so high the kids cannot reach them. The committee voted to create special parenting sections filled with children’s book about child abuse, domestic violence, alcoholism, and, of course, the real reason for the policy, homosexuality...

...Oklahoma’s library poster child Toby Keith has come out with a recent album, and its title is sure to make the “official” intellectual community here proud the musician claims the state as his home.

Library officials, in particular, will be extra proud they selected Keith for a recent poster campaign to promote reading in the state.

Copies of Keith’s “White Trash With Money” should be given out to all Oklahoma school children, many of whom have already encountered Keith in his pornographic pose in the “Read Y’All” library posters plastered throughout the state....

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