Monday, December 18, 2006

Peter Suber, Open Access News

Peter Suber, Open Access News: "Google is offering to digitize and provide OA to the back runs of scholarly journals. The terms of the offer are not online, as far as I can tell, but here's an excerpt from Google's Overview and FAQ, generously shared with me by the Canadian Association of Learned Journals (CALJ), which is passing the offer on to its members for their consideration.

While many publishers and organizations are working on bringing journal collections online, a substantial fraction of scholarly journals are currently offline and may remain offline for the foreseeable future. Google is offering publishers an archival journal digitization program to bring these archival collections online and to make them more accessible.


* Publishers maintain copyright and ownership of their content. Publishers select the journal volumes to be digitized.
* This service is free and will make articles from the selected issues fully [and freely] accessible to all users.
* Hosted pages that display journal articles will include publisher co-branding/logo and a link back to the publisher’s website.
* This program is non-exclusive. There is no restriction on redigitization of this material or on working with other partners. "

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