Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Poster of everything he's ever read...

Found this via Digg

I'm always facinated by individuals who feel the need to keep track every book they have ever read. I've never had the desire personally -- I might remember the books I've read -- I might not either way it's not a big deal to me. But here's one Librarian who made a poster of every book he's ever read and he's included directions for those of you who want to do this as well. He's disappointed he's only read 750 books since he was 6 (he's 25 now).

This actually might be a fun community idea. Maybe use this concept for a summer reading program and after the summer make a poster of everything your community read during a certain time period. To not violate privacy you would probably want patrons to option in to including their readings -- but it could be fun!

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Sarah Clark said...

umm....WOW. That's organization. Or OCD. Or something. :-)