Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Late valentine's request

Author Jennifer Lynn Barnes writes in her Live Journal
I Heart Librarians
...Beyond that, though, right now, I'm just so amazed at the extra work that I've seen librarians take upon themselves to make their libraries really WORK for modern teens. So many libraries have a web presence- websites, blogs, myspace pages, and more, and I'm lucky enough to count several librarians on my friends list here. After keeping up with the daily trials and tribulations through their blogs, I can honestly say that these are people who love books, who put in mounds of effort to get books into teens' hands, and who are, quite simply, the best advocates an author could have.


So, librarians of the world, this is coming about a week late, but will you be my valentine? There might be some candy hearts in it for you. Or, you know, a graph of your awesomeness, because that I can actually do.

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