Friday, March 02, 2007

Are you the MasterKey?

Librarians are Gatekeepers of information -- well in spring 2007 we may finally have our Key master.. err I mean Masterkey. (found via catablog)

This is an early prototype of a new metasearch technology developed by Index Data. It is scheduled for general release during the spring of 2007. It enables efficient metasearching of up to hundreds of databases at the same time using Z39.50, SRU/W, or proprietary protocols. It is a powerful, open-source-based alternative to proprietary, closed-source metasearch alternatives.

The technology supports on-the-fly merging, relevance-ranking, or sorting by arbitrary data elements. It also supports any number of result facets for limiting result sets by subject, author, etc.


Anonymous said...

Nice picture. If you'd like to see the prototype, please use this official URL. It is set up to search a collection of open access resources, such as Wikipedia, OAIster, and the Open Content Alliance.


--Sebastian Hammer, Index Data

Adri said...

Thanks for the official link! As far as the picture -- well it does require a certain love for 80s movies of the ghostbusting variety. :)