Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Beth is bloggin' ACRL

ACRL Blog | Another Intro Post? How Original!
...My name is Beth Reiten, and I’m an associate professor in the Digital Library Services department at Oklahoma State University’s library. DLS is a wonderful name for a department, as it gives us the ability to be and do whatever suits us!

Currently, I work with all aspects of remote access: I’m the library’s web editor, I support distance learning, work with the databases, our Central Search federated search implementation, offer phone/email/IM reference and technical support, and I’m the EndNote Queen, just for a few examples.

In addition to this being my first ACRL conference, this is the first conference I’ve been to in years where I get to just attend – I have no responsibilities, other than learning – and I’m planning on taking advantage of it!...

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