Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blogs | ISSNs & LoC

For those who would like another blog to add to their roll -- might I suggest the Library of Congress blog?

An interesting topic today deals with blogs and ISSNs --
I got an email this morning from a colleague in the Office of Communications, who said that she was speaking to our “guru of ISSN numbers.” Here is the upshot:

Today she told me that after much debate, catalogers had decided that corporate blogs published regularly are in fact serial publications and therefore should have an ISSN number. The Library should be a model for all catalogers, she said. She promised to read and assess your blog and communicate further. Many bloggers have been requesting ISSN numbers. You may already have an ISSN number.

I kind of find it interesting that it's a topic -- I know bloggers around the world have been applying for ISSNs for several years now. Of course some with more success than others. Hmmm wonder if LibraryStories needs an ISSN...

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