Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How good are the tags?

I ran across this idea via Uncertain Principles: Physics, Politics, Pop Culture

Although it's meant to be a game -- it made me once again revisit how useful our catalog subject headings are and also how good are the tagging terms we use in our 2.0 lives. How much does the technology need to advance for natural language to work -- or better yet do we need to perhaps think a little more like a computer? Will the two ever find the right point where it all makes sense?

So can you figure out the movies based on the IMDB Plot keywords?
  • Eavesdropping, Horse, Diving Board, Kiss, Library

  • Pizza Delivery, UFO, Gentle, Encounter, Fantastic

  • Outer Space, Warp Speed, Anti Hero, Wuxia Fiction, Wilhelm Scream

  • Fall From Height, Runaway, Aunt, Stylized, Fantasy

  • Hero, School Life, Atmospheric, Supernatural Powers, Spell

  • Rooftop, Split Screen, Research, Bathrobe, Intelligence Analysis, Human Relationship

  • H.P. Lovecraft, Bizarre, Good Versus Evil, Steampunk, Avant Garde

  • New York City, Librarian, Club DJ, Library, Club

  • Anti Conformity, First Love, Literature, William Shakespeare, Philosophy

  • Wind, Hostage, Secret Identity, Friendship, Secret

    Kirsten said...

    Is the next-to-last one "Shakespeare In Love"?

    And the one above that has got to be that early Parker Posie movie, but I can't think of the name.

    Adri said...

    :) Nope not Shakespeare in love -- but yes on the Parker Posie movie

    Fannie Pie said...

    I got Party girl right away ( could that be because it's about a librarian? )

    Is one of them Harry Potter? The Hero, school etc.

    Also, not that you were implying this, but I've never looked at the subject heading/tagging thing as a zero sum game, I think having both is best.

    I am often frustrated by controlled vocabulary searches ( and I'm a librarian!) and as you have so wonderfully pointed out, leaving the cataloging to random tags by individuals would be a nightmare.

    Together you can find broad subjects and like items, but also be able to find holes that subject headings miss like 'chick lit'.

    Anyway your test was fun!

    Adri said...

    The movies are:

    Philadelphia Story
    Star Wars
    James & the Giant Peach
    Harry Potter and the something of other
    Army of Darkness
    Party Girl
    Dead Poet's Society
    Wizard of Oz