Monday, April 16, 2007

Oklahoma State University chooses AquaBrowser Library

Jon sends me this library story

Oklahoma State University (OSU) Library has chosen AquaBrowser Library—the intelligent visual OPAC--to be implemented with their Endeavor Voyager ILS.

The Stillwater Campus will be the first to implement AquaBrowser, with the rest of the Oklahoma A&M Library System to follow later.

OSU Associate Dean for Collection and Technology Services Anne Prestamo said, "We believe that AquaBrowser offers the simplicity of the Google search experience, with greatly enhanced tools for expanding or refining results via the Word Cloud, and the Refine Options that appear on the right hand side of the screen. Unbeknownst to the patron, all of the rich MARC data we've spent years and countless dollars creating is being exploited to its fullest, enabling AquaBrowser to present relevancy ranked results along with clear, accessible options for refining result sets."

Prestamo continued, "Libraries face stiff competition from Web-based resources. Our students don't want to search; they want to find. They want the search to be easy and fast, yet at the same time, powerful and accurate. Online shopping sites have conditioned us to expect sophisticated tools to refine and manipulate our results. We believe Aquabrowser meets all of these expectations."

TLC Senior Vice President Gar Sydnor commented, "There has been a lot of discussion lately about creating better search tools some day and improving today's OPAC experience. We appreciate the fact that OSU recognizes that AquaBrowser Library can deliver on these promises right now. We welcome OSU, and we hope more libraries will discover the same in the weeks to come."

AquaBrowser Library is the only visual OPAC in the U.S. that has been implemented in over 100 libraries. Visit to learn more.

There is one library in Oklahoma using Aquabrowser, right now -- Visit Western Plains Library System to see it in action.

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