Saturday, May 05, 2007

Update on Bartlesville and Bermudez

Porcelain Librarian has an update on the B&B.
The Bartlesville Mid-High has yet to actually ban Bermudez…it is still in the process of being reviewed...

Author John Green stopped by the above post to give his input and insight on the situation via the comments -- it's an interesting post and I encourage everyone to trek over there and add your thoughts.

Of course you can also follow the author's perspective on Maureen Johnson's webpage.


Little Willow said...

Now there is a petition against the banning and in support of the book. I hope you've signed it!

Adri said...

Thanks for the link Little Willow. :-)

And I think it's important to look at the text on this petition
We, the undersigned, are opposed to book banning, a practice long known to be part of societies that do not respect individual human rights and intellectual freedoms. It is profoundly un-American.

We hope you will not remove the book THE BERMUDEZ TRIANGLE from the shelves of
your local school.

This particular petition would have a much larger impact on the decision making people in Bartlesville if it had one word changed. Instead of your it should read our. Petitions always have a larger impact when it comes from the local population. I believe I read in the Bartlesville Newspaper that the mother had a petition with support for the books removal from the shelves-- if I had to hazard a guess it was probably signed predominately by locals.

IMHO -- Outside individuals can always try to influence their opinions on locals during sensative situations -- however no real progress against bigotry, homophobia, racism, etc occurs until locals stand up for injustices in their communities. Outside people can help support, give ideas, etc -- but the bulk of the work and loudest voices has to be from brave locals.

Little Willow said...

You are welcome!

Nice idea of your / our.