Thursday, June 07, 2007

Vampires in your Okie library?

I heart technorati searches -- you find some of the funniest things. For instance I would have never found out about the book below or read the review had it not been for one of my canned searches (Oklahoma and libraries -- not anything about vampires). And although I can't find Broken Heart Oklahoma on the map (perhaps in the woody areas between Broken Arrow and Broken Bow?) I did find it online.

Don't talk back to your vampire (amazon info)
Review by Romance Divas: When I first heard the title, Don’t Talk Back to Your Vampire, I knew I had to read this book, to do the review for it. And Michelle Bardsley did not disappoint me either. Funny and original, I would call this Dark Shadows meets comedic sitcom, with a dash of Dresden Files. You have the vampire hero; you have the vampire mother who even has the typical worries of mothers all over and the hots for said vampire hero, there’s the teenage daughter who still is human, plus loads of interesting secondary characters.

Broken Heart, Oklahoma was a normal town with PTA meetings and all the regular, mundane life, until a supernatural creature came in and killed eleven single parents Not long after the Vampire Consortium came in and turned them all into vampires, then bought out the town basically to make it a place for paranormal beings. One of these turned vampires is Eva LeRoy, town librarian and single mother to a teenage girl whom sometimes seems to dress Gothy and even becomes interested kin a teenage boy who also happens to be a vampire hunter. And being undead apparently doesn’t take away problems, it just makes solving them from a new perspective. Eva is also interested in Lorcan O’Halloran, a four-thousand-year-old vampire and professed druid who happens to be the one who killed her. But the ways of love are never easy as Eve learns. Mix that with rival vamps and werewolves, add a dash of a guilty Lorcan and it isn’t easy for Eve to get her man, er, vamp.

As some say -- who'da a thunk it?

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