Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Potter hunch...

If you haven't seen any news today then you may not know there's a good chance that a copy of the newest Harry Potter book has snuck it's way out in the internet tubes. I'm not going to link to it -- but if you are interested you can visit a bay of pirates and do a search (if you don't know what that means don't worry about it).

What I did find interesting was the image taken of the title page I saw on TechCrunch.

I've added arrows to the image so you can see what I'm talking about. Doesn't that glare resemble a mylar dust jacket cover and on the right bottom it looks kind of like tape. I hope this was just some hateful fan who preserves his books and not some rogue library worker.

Yeah yeah I know I might be imagining things -- but I still haven't found a babysitter so me and the hubby can go see the latest movie, so this is all the Potter mania I'm getting. :-)

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