Monday, July 30, 2007

Why do you do it?

Meredith, over @ Info wants to be free, has a survey for library bloggers. Why do you do it? What makes you blog -- even if you aren't sure there are people out there reading.

So why do I blog librarianship? Short answer, Dunno. Maybe because I see all these news snippets and want to share them with someone -- yet I don't really care to talk that much. (Some of you can stop laughing now) Heck, I don't even blog everything I get via my RSS. Although I do share a lot via my Google Reader share feature -- but a lot of that isn't even library related (if you're interested in seeing that RSS let me know and I'll send you the link).

Maybe it's my way of promoting change in the field. To share with everyone how holistic librarianship can be -- how we can all learn from each other regardless of type of library.

Or maybe I just like typing into the void and seeing if anyone will answer.

Why do you blog?

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Sarah Clark said...

I blog because I enjoy writing, and have found it a fun way to connect with other librarians all over the country. That said, I've been rethinking the role of my blog over the past month or so, and I find my initial plans and motivations evolving--into what yet, I'm not sure. we'll see... :-)