Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Red Dirt Book Festival Registration Open

Registration for the Red Dirt Book Festival is now open!
The third, biennial Red Dirt Book Festival, an official Oklahoma Centennial event, will be November 2 and 3, 2007 in Shawnee, Okla. at the Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center. The mission of the Red Dirt Book Festival is to celebrate the art and craft of writing through an event that brings together Oklahoma readers, writers, illustrators, publishers, storytellers, scholars and performers.

“READ, WRITE, TALK,” continue to be the festival’s thematic strands. “Oklahoma Character,” is the unifying focus for the 2007 festival. The festival’s goal is to identify what is unique about Oklahoma character as reflected in our literature. This may include the unique character of our history, our landscape, our lifestyle and our Oklahoma “characters.” Through a series of lectures, panel presentations, and group discussions, participants focus their attention on thematic questions. Other festival attractions are a banquet and luncheons, book signings, exhibits, storytelling and performances....

Disclosure --
My coworker, Kevin, and I are the 2 person web team behind Red Dirt. We are using
Joomla (which is the CMS we are going to do to redesign our work website this coming year). We've already tested some features on the Big Read and learned a lot about the software and users -- so the more folks who use the online functionality of Red Dirt the more Kevin and I get to see how the CMS holds up. So be sure to shoot any design/function commentary my way! :)

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