Wednesday, August 15, 2007

School Library Journal talks about Library Camp

SLJ | Librarian Camp: Where kids learn all things library-related
...Saulmon, who created the camp concept, says she's proud that a quarter of her campers—all of them referred by school librarians and some public librarians—included boys, while 100 percent were kids interested in "checking out" the librarian career path. As a past president of the Oklahoma Library Association (OLA), Saulmon recalls speaking out about the shortage of librarians even before it became a major topic. "I was thinking how, in Oklahoma, we have a real shortage of school library media specialists; we have had for several years," Saulmon says.

This school library event seems to have been a hit, judging from entries on the Information Matric Camp (IMC) blog. "Today was a very good day after my tiring morning we went to go read to some elementary students at Telstar elementary!!!" writes one camper. "After being there I realized that I should be proud of what I have instead of complaining about what I don't have!! I felt I was inspiring younger kids and teaching them what I learned when I was their age!"

On visits to libraries, Saulmon says with a chuckle, she made sure her campers were introduced to "some very young, cute librarians."

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