Thursday, September 13, 2007

9th Annual Oklahoma 1st Amendment Congress

As I was paying for my daughter's abso-freaking-ly adorable Halloween costume this evening I realized it was that time of year again -- time for the Oklahoma 1st Amendment Congress.

Some of you may be asking, "What is this thing called the 1st Amendment? Is it some mythical creature like a faerie?" -- well lucky for you this Congress is meant to answer such a question -- and yes my daughter is going to be a faerie for Halloween.

The Annual Congress is hosted by Freedom of Information Oklahoma, Inc.
Founded in 1990, FOI Oklahoma is a statewide organization actively supporting those organizations and individuals working to open records or provide access to meetings illegally closed.

When individuals or organizations in Oklahoma believe that their First Amendment or access rights are threatened, they turn to FOI Oklahoma for help. The organization contacts those who are limiting freedom of access to encourage them to comply with the laws....

High School students can enter an essay contest -- first prize is $300, second place will receive $200, and third place will win $100. The deadline for submissions is October 15 and more information on the essay guidelines can be found at this pdf.

Oh and be sure to note the dates of the Congress
On October 31, 2007, Oklahoma’s First Amendment Congress will feature special sessions for high school students. On November 1, college students are invited to join professionals for special sessions exploring our freedoms.

Our purpose is to help educate, inform and empower tomorrow’s leaders. Each generation must explore the privileges and responsibilities that lie at the heart of the Bill of Rights. As future journalists, librarians, teachers, attorneys, entrepreneurs and citizens, young people need to understand the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

btw - you can carve your own virtual pumpkin at this site

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