Friday, September 28, 2007


Found this via MoMB. And you know if a product has a cool hot pink R then it's gotta be super neat-o, right? All kidding aside this is a neat tool (and there are tons out there that do this -- but this one peaked my interest).

Libraries are always asked for photo editing software for patrons' myspace, facebook, flickr, hot or not, etc profiles -- well this site, flauntR (which is in alpha or so they say), might be a solution for those of you who get asked a lot for that functionality of public computers. Plus registration is free and easy.

I've always had issues with patrons placing photos on a library's computer -- privacy, creepiness, etc issues always come into play for me. But this allows the patron to create a profile, load up their image and edit it elsewhere -- so it's not actually resting on your library's machine. I know you all have to have your favorite site for this as well -- please share the links to them!

Here's some examples of what I could do with a photo of my daughter on flauntR:

Common edits: red eye, cropping, tinting, etc...

Fancy Border



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Jon Woltz said...

Here are a couple of other completely browser-based photo editors that I like:
Picnik and SnipShot.