Saturday, January 12, 2008

Quick note

I am attending a meeting of the CLENE group of ALA.

An interesting group which has the following focus:

CLENE promotes quality continuing education for all library personnel. Make CLENE your NETWORK with other CE providers for the exchange of ideas, concerns and solutions; SOURCE for CE assistance, publications, materials, training and activities; and ADVOCATE for quality library CE at both the local and national levels.

People talk a lot about the need for our colleagues to expand their skill set -- and this group seems intent on helping those already in the field with their continuing education needs. At my work we even have an individual whose job is to develop staff training and she's created a pretty comprehensive on going program and with an interested individual any library should be able to develop a basic CE program.

So if this type of stuff interests you check out CLENE - it's on an additional $20 on your ALA dues.

-- I'll type up my reflections on my Emerging Leader day later. :-)

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