Monday, March 10, 2008

Volunteer opportunity at OLA 101

So I'm sure you are all already packing your over night bags for OLA 101. But before you pack all your extra dark socks and sandals be sure to pull out your itineraries and see if you have a chance to do a little volunteering. Tiffany, from TU's McFarlin Library, writes in:

I am in charge of the bookstore this year, and I wondered if you would be so kind as to remind people who plan to attend of the importance of volunteering during the conference. ... We will have the Sequoyah authors visiting on Monday! If anyone wants to volunteer for the bookstore directly through me they are welcome to contact me at (918)631-3491, but there are other areas that will need help, too, such as the Welcome/Registration Desk.

At past conferences I've been known to stop in on the occassional booth and offer to pimp the group, products for sale or free Read Ya'll posters.
It's a lot of fun - kind of like being a super literate technilogical savvy and sensible shoe wearing carny. So visit the OLA site or call Tiffany for more information!

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