Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Insider Higher Ed :: Hog Wild!

Found a great new free online journal via this article --
Insider Higher Ed :: Hog Wild!

There are long rows of parked motorbikes, customized to the point of mutation, parked at angles that seem like a temptation to gravity and the domino effect. The place is full of sweaty, beer-swilling, heavily tattooed bikers. And you should see their husbands.

Okay, now, see, there are the stereotypes again.... I really should know better — having just discovered a new online publication called the International Journal of Motorcycle Studies. It came to my attention thanks to Political Theory Daily Review, itself an incomparable and altogether indispensable website. (For more on it, see this article.) Four issues of IJMS have appeared so far. The next is due in July.

The title might sound tongue-in-cheek. The contents most assuredly are not. The ratio of substantial, intelligent articles to resume-padding chuff would be creditable for a print-format scholarly journal — let alone one that exists entirely online, available to readers free.

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