Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blogging banned in Oklahoma schools?

Moving at the speed of creativity explains a misunderstanding from Encyclomedia
Something similar is going on here in Oklahoma, but in our case it appears people are spreading inaccurate information with regard to the legality of school blogging. At our state Encyclo-Media conference last week in Oklahoma City, Howard Hobbs (Technology Director of Checotah Public Schools) shared a session on Friday titled, “The Blog: Is it Consuming Our Students?” In the session, Howard told participants that new Oklahoma Department of Education technology plan guidelines “require schools to block different types of blogging.” Some participants of the session left with the perception that their school’s E-Rate funding would be jeopardized if their students were involved in a classroom blogging project. After a phone call to Howard to clarify what he said and a phone call to the Oklahoma State Dept of Education’s Instructional Technology division, I confirmed THESE STATEMENTS ABOUT BLOGGING BEING ILLEGAL IN OKLAHOMA SCHOOLS ARE NOT TRUE. Technology plan guidelines for schools in Oklahoma have been updated so district tech plans can be eligible for Federal Title IID grant funding, but NO WHERE in these guidelines is anything mentioned about changes to CIPA, blog filtering, or E-Rate funding being in jeopardy for schools whose students are blogging.

This is my first time reading Moving at the Speed of Creativity -- it's a interesting blog and worth looking at!

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