Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I could become a junkie....

Someone in Oklahoma hearts their library for online renewal and Farsi classes. Okay -- fess up now. Which one of you Oklahoma libraries is having an affair with your patrons?

j_cheney: I could become a junkie....:
I could become a junkie....
I went on-line today and renewed my library that not cool?

Also, starting on Monday my little library will be hosting lessons in Farsi. Yep, Farsi. OK, I'm not planning to become an expert in the language, but to have someone to teach it to me is amazing in itself---especially in this little corner of Oklahoma. I may only do a month or two, but I'm thinking this could be pretty cool.

Our public library system rocks!

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Anonymous said...

It's the Edmond Library! They've got Farsi classes on Sunday afternoons.