Friday, November 03, 2006

Read novels on your mobile super-quick | The Register

Read novels on your mobile super-quick | The Register:

I know I do something similar to this with road signs as well as the morning news tickers (when I forget to put my glasses on) -- but seems a company is making it possible to digest books by going beyond reading...

Of course I will say not actually "reading" the road signs and the morning news had added a few good laughs for my husband every once in a while when I ask him for clarification.

A British company claims that its software enables users to at least double their reading speed by making use of the way the brain interprets text. It says reading speeds as high as 1200 words per minute (WPM) are possible, compared with a typical speed off the page of 150 WPM.

BookMuncher uses a technique called Rapid Serial Visualisation Presentation (RSVP) which displays a document word by word mid-screen. The idea is that as the words flash by, your brain recognises their shape or outline, rather than trying to decode their sound or spelling.

'The science behind it is word shape recognition, rather than the relationship between the letters,' said BookMuncher development director Jon Bunston. 'As you increase the amount you read, you recognise more word shapes and can read faster. It can get you reading at 300 WPM in hours or 600 to 700 within days.'

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