Monday, November 06, 2006

Library lending out people

I'm not sure if any libraries in Oklahoma are doing this -- but it does at a new meaning to the phrase, "Check out that person!"
BCNG Portals Page: "Douglas College’s library is coming to life – literally, with the introduction of its Living Library.

Available both at its New Westminster and Coquitlam campuses, anyone interested in learning more about a specific subject can borrow a person instead of a book to get the information they’re looking for.

“People can often be more interesting than books,” said Hazel Postma, associate vice president of external relations for Douglas College. “Getting information face-to-face is a different experience than getting information from a book. It’s a lot more fun way of learning.”

The Living Library officially opened its doors to the public on Wednesday, after finishing a three month test period among those associated with the school.

“We had to work out the quirks before we made the borrowing available to the public,” Postma said. “We didn’t come across many problems, instead we received many excited and eager people wanting to participate.”

Currently there are 34 names listed on the Living Library website of people who can be borrowed.

“Everyone involved with the project is volunteering their time,” Postma said. “There is a huge amount of expertise within Douglas College and we wanted to showcase it all.”

Those listed on"

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Jason G said...

Maybe I've been working in a library too long, but my initial thought it what would the liability be for a program like this? For example, what if one of the people you can check out is a doctor, and what if that doctor gives you advice that results in a negative outcome? Is the library or the person or both responsible?

I read about a similar program overseas in which the people being checked out represented various diverse backgrounds. The checkout was also limited to the library coffee shop and in one hour intervals. I believe various religious faiths, homosexuals, and various ethnic groups were represented with that project.