Monday, November 06, 2006

Which library school is for you?

Picking a graduate school is a major undertaking -- one library school student chronicles her selection process and here's what she thought of the OU library school.
...The program is not the very best (like UIUC), but it is still very strong, regardless. I was able to talk to two graduate assistants, and it was helpful to get an inside opinion of the program. The library collection, although not as extensive as UIUC, is still impressive, and the main library is beautiful! The architecture is marvelously old, and I love it a lot (except for the somewhat creepy gargoyles at the very tip-top). The campus is much smaller than UIUC--more compact--which makes for a smaller-school feel. With about 24,000 students, it's a much more manageable size for someone used to only about 1300.

There are squirrels everywhere and nice park benches to sit on. Matt and I actually ate lunch sitting right outside the library, which totally made my day...because, well, you know me and libraries. *grin* One of my favorite things about the campus is that there are statues scattered all around, my favorite being one of a guy relaxing (literally) in the grass. AND people actually smiled at me and opened doors for me. It felt good to be back in the South. There's a whole lot to be said about gentlemen being gentlemen. I will never complain...

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