Friday, December 08, 2006

OC plans for further library improvements

OC plans for further library improvements

In addition to the Oklahoma Christian University library’s recent improvements, many students and staff look forward to the future changes as well. Director of the Library, Tamie Willis, focuses on improving the library to enrich the student’s lives.

“I hope that it will eventually become a library gateway, which will lead into all sorts of different things. I would eventually love to see a building where all the tutoring can be done, so that it would be very accessible for the students as well as a place where the IT help desk and the education lab are. That way students know that if they need something, this is the building to go to,” Willis said.

During the past year, the Student Government Association and the Oklahoma Christian Women’s Association donated money needed to replace the furniture in the lobby. Since then, the librarians noticed students spending time there socializing and doing group projects....

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