Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Repairing leaks is latest glitch to rain on downtown library

NewsOK.com | Powered by The Oklahoman and NEWS 9 | Repairing leaks is latest glitch to rain on downtown library
Two years after it opened, the $24 million Ronald J. Norick Downtown Library leaks when it rains and needs repairs that could cost more than $600,000, Oklahoma City officials said.

Mayor Mick Cornett said the leaks are the latest in a series of problems with the library, which opened more than three years behind schedule and was the last MAPS project to be finished.

"If the MAPS projects were children, this was our problem child,” Cornett said. "Here we are a couple years later, and we are still working on some basic functions of the building — keeping rain out. I don't think it's hampering the public's use of the library. It's just frustrating.”

Public Works Director Dennis Clowers said the leaks first were discovered before the building opened in the summer of 2004.

A report from City Attorney Kenny Jordan to Cornett and the city council said the contractor who built the library is responsible for fixing the leaks. City officials have tried working with the contractor, Moore-based Bucker and Moore. But Clowers said the contractor has not cooperated.

"I think they have made somewhat of an effort, but not anything close to what needs to be done,” Clowers said.

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