Sunday, January 14, 2007

Graphic Novels -- not for kids

I was reading Fark and discovered that one of my favorite graphic novel series is being turned into a movie. And not a live action one - but a real animated movie. Given today's political climate it will be interesting to see how this movie is received by the wider public since the story takes place in Iran.

But this got me thinking about the adult graphic novels that I've ordered for the various libraries I've worked at and or read -- and I thought I would share a partial list of grown up graphic novels I've enjoyed. Please note these are not suggested readings for person's under the age of 18 -- and all of these are in adult collections or in a university collection (they may contain either adult situations or language). So please research these further before reading them yourselves.

So what graphic novels do you suggest I check out?


Nils said...

No Place for a Picnic is a biography by a sixteen year old, Justin R. Taylan, of his grandfather's service in the Pacific theater of WW2. Crudely drawn but affecting story.

DaisyViolet said...

Alison Bechdel's "Fun Home" is amazing. She's been drawing the "Dykes to Watch Out For" comic strip for 15 years or so, but this is a memoir of her coming out and also her dealing with her father's death (possible suicide) and the realization that he'd been carrying on gay affairs his whole life. Great art, moving, interesting and funny story, and certainly not for kids!

Anonymous said...

Could someone suggest graphic novels/manga that are grownup but are not “adult”, i.e. not sexual or violent?

Anonymous said...

Watchmen by Alan Moore is excellent.

The Sandman series by Gaiman is also excellent, but it isn't a graphic novel.

J said...

I've been reading The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman which has surprisingly ignited my interest in zombie fiction.

Jeff Scott said...

We have an adult graphic novel section in our library. Many graphic novels are obviously intended for adult audience. often, the review will be the dead giveaway on the content. At times, the reviews don't really describe the level appropriately, and we have had to make some moves as a result.

It is not the graphic novels that are the most surprise, but the westerns. Especially ones like Longarm and the gunsmith, those are some spicy westerns.