Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mary Sherman to retire from Pioneer Library System

Norman Transcript | Mary Sherman to retire from Pioneer Library System
Longtime Pioneer Library System director Mary Sherman has announced her retirement from her position effective June 1.

In her resignation letter to the PLS board of trustees dated Jan. 22, Sherman noted that "little did I know when I was hired on Sept. 1, 1966, that I would work 40 plus years for the Pioneer Library System or that I would be system director."

An executive session was scheduled on the PLS agenda Tuesday evening to discuss Sherman's retirement and the process for hiring a new director.

The matter was tabled so the board's personnel committee can meet and present its recommendations to the board at its next meeting.

Her last day at work is scheduled to be May 25.

Sherman wrote in her letter that "my library journey has seen many changes, challenges and the addition of exciting new services. In 1966, the Pioneer budget was $130,000. When I became director in 1987, the budget was $2,188,566. The budget for this current fiscal year is $7,048,314."

She lauded her staff and board through the years.

"As libraries have changed with the advent of electronic usage, our service has not diminished. For that I am very proud," Sherman wrote. "When I started to work, libraries were places for books. Now, they are places of culture as well as books and all of our libraries are busier than ever."...

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