Thursday, February 01, 2007

Celebrate Oklahoma! site for educators

I found this via Moving at the Speed of Creativity. I think Oklahoma librarians (who are all educators) could add some of their events here as well!

2007 is a very exciting year for Oklahoma students, teachers, parents, and community members as we celebrate 100 years of statehood! Not only is 2007 the year of the Oklahoma Centennial celebration, but it is also an amazing time to be a LEARNER. A vast array of powerful digital tools are available to collaborate, communicate, document, share and archive ideas about our history and our present lives.

This website is one of several resources, forums and tools available to learners of all ages participating in the Oklahoma Digital Centennial Project. Since the centennial celebration will just last a year, however, and the celebration of Oklahoma's history will go on, this site was registered as CELEBRATEOKLAHOMA.US. Please share this site with others you know interested in Oklahoma history, digitally enhanced learning, and collaborative educational projects!

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