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SRRT Needs your nominations

The Oklahoma Library Association's Social Responsibilities Roundtable is taking applications for the 2007 Ruth Brown Memorial Award. The award is presented to recognize and support social issue oriented programs implemented by or with libraries.

The award commemorates the courageous spirit of Ruth Brown (1891 – 1975), a former Bartlesville librarian and OLA president who fought for racial integration in public libraries but was fired for her efforts in 1950.

Is your program eligible for the award? Yes, if you are any type of library that provides a program addressing social issues or underserved populations. Yes, if you are an individual or an organization that works with a library of any type on a program that addresses social issues or underserved populations. Need an example?

Past recipients of the award include:
Kane Elementary School Reading Mentors Program, Bartlesville. This program sends 20 to 25 mentors to work with 40 to 50 third-graders each year. Over the past eight years, the program reached more than 300 students, and the school's average third-grade (standardized test) scores for reading rose from the 900s to over 1300.
Mabel C. Fry Public Library, Yukon. "Books behind Bars" brings books –and a love of reading – to children living in the juvenile detention system.

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Library. The "Reach Out and Read" program makes books and literacy an essential part of well-child health check-ups for children ages 0 to 6.

Leland Wolf School and the Norman Police Department. Police officers in the "Police Read to Educate and Improve Social Skills" (PRESS) program mentor at the school by reading to and with an at-risk population, fostering a love of reading.
Spiro Public Library. "Child Fest" is a summer day camp that provides children with cultural activities, story hours, and fun sessions on the use of the library and computer technology.

February 16, 2007 is the deadline to apply. Recipients of the award are recognized with a plaque and a $500 award at the OLA Annual Conference. Questions? Not sure if your program is eligible? Please contact Stacy Delano at 405-372-3633, sdelano@stillwater.org.

Ruth Brown Memorial Award Application 2007
Social Responsibilities Roundtable (SRRT) of the Oklahoma Library Association
  1. Entries are limited to libraries, individuals, or organizations in the state of Oklahoma.
  2. Entry must be a recent (completed within the last three years) or ongoing project.
  3. The winner will be recognized at the Annual Conference of the Oklahoma Library Association.
  4. Winning entries immediately become ineligible for reentry.
  5. Entries may be used by SRRT for publicizing outreach efforts and other activities that increase awareness of issues of social concern in the Oklahoma library community.
  6. Current members of the Award Committee are not eligible to submit entries.

Name of Applicant (Group or Individual):
Name of Project:
Contact Person:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
City, Zip:
Email Address:

Using separate sheets, describe your project. Please limit the description to five pages or less. The name of your project and your contact person should appear at the top of each page. The following points must be addressed:

1. When did your project take place? How long did it last?
2. How does your project provide a creative response to a social issue?
3. How does your project fill a demonstrated need?
4. How did you identify that need within your community?
5. What measurable impacts did your project have on your community?
6. What kinds of library or information resources did you use, and what role did they fill?
7. How would you foresee another organization adapting this project for its own needs?
8. How do you plan to use the $500.00 award?
Also, please attach any supporting documentation you feel is relevant to your project. This evidence may be in any format or combination of formats, i.e., print materials, videos, computer files, letters of support, publicity items such as newspaper clippings, web sites, etc.
We must receive your application by February 16, 2007. Send your completed application to:

By Email:

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