Friday, March 16, 2007

First impressions matter

Seems Belle Isle branch in OKC has a new fan girl over at the Pretty song for a girl with a dangerous name blog.
...I walked in to the Belle Isle Library to buy my Roller Derby ticket from Ajax, who is a library assistant. I'd specifically waited until he was at work so I could check out the library. What I saw took my breath away.

There were banks of computers all over the place. There was an entire wall devoted to DVD's and videos, and a cabinet full of CD's. None of this stuff was here 2 years ago!

I bought my ticket and then wandered the aisles. I have stacks of books that I own that I need to get through so I didn't check any out, but I did plunder the DVD's. I checked out 'All About Eve' (Bette Davis at her best), 'Rashomon' (Kurosawa is awesome), 'Outfoxed' (Fuax, whoops, FOX news documentary), 'Roger and Me' (Michael Moore's first doc that I hadn't yet seen), and an A&E program on Hauntings.

I can tell you I'm going to be a fixture at the library from here on out. I'd forgotten the joy I got going there and now that I've been reminded (Thanks Kevin!) it'll take a lot to keep me away. My next conquest? The Downtown Library, which is literally 2 blocks from what I hope is my new job. It's gorgeous.

I'm ecstatic that I've found/remembered something so simple that makes me so happy.

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