Thursday, March 15, 2007

Munseys | Free E-books

Found this via TeleRead
A wealth of e-formats

I applied the acid test to Munseys (no apostrophe in the name, by the way). Sure enough, an obscure George Gissing title came up—with options for HTML, eBookwise 1150, Plucker, Rocket eBook, Isilo, Adobe Acrobat, Sony Reader, Mobipocket and MS-Reader. No iLiad-customized books, alas, but maybe they’ll be along later. The site looks a little unfinished—a tip from the sharp-eyed Jurd sent me to it, after she wistfully typed in But I bet that more design work will happen before an official unveiling, and meanwhile the author and title searches seem to work just fine. Between them and the category list, plus tags, you’ll feel at home.
Update, 12:43 a.m., March 15: Just heard from David after e-mailing him. The site will apparently be in beta for months, because of various technical issues. So not to worry if things get bumpy—this isn’t the final version of Munsys. While the delay is frustrating, it’s good that Blackmask will live on under a different name.

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