Monday, May 21, 2007

ALA asks about Bartlesville and Ms. Johnson

Where Is Bartlesville High School’s Bermudez Triangle?
Where Is Bartlesville High School’s Bermudez Triangle?
A series of blog posts by author Maureen Johnson claiming that her novel The Bermudez Triangle has been banned by the Bartlesville (Okla.) Mid-High has resulted in a May 10 Bartlesville Community Examiner-Enterprise story clarifying that the book is being reconsidered and not withdrawn. Johnson told the newspaper that a committee member had returned one of her phone inquiries May 4 to explain. “To be honest, I couldn’t get a lot of information about what was going on,” Johnson said.

Johnson began blogging about the controversy April 27, ... The Bermudez Triangle tells how the relationship between three high-school girlfriends shifts one summer as two of them begin to explore a romantic attraction to each other.


The final determination on the book will be made by Bartlesville Public Schools Superintendent Gary W. Quinn, who will take the committee’s recommendation into consideration after he reads the novel.

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